1. The HDRG team is looking for a motivated student for a Master’s Thesis project in spatial modelling. The project aims to create dynamic models of the distribution of large herbivores during the last Ice Age in Western Europe. The project will specifically examine questions of how climate change and human predation affected the spatial distribution of these large herbivores and that in turn influenced human settlement patterns. This project is linked to a larger project to model the movements of prehistoric populations in Europe leading to the extinction of Neanderthals before the last glacial maximum. Partial funding will be provided. Please contact: Dr. Patrick James (Biology, UdeM), Dre. Liliana Perez (Geography, UdeM) or Dr. Ariane Burke (Anthropology, UdeM).

2. The HDRG team is looking for a motivated student to conduct a critical analysis of paleoenvironmental recontsructions for the Last Glacial period, including vegetation models (BIOME) and palynological data (marine and terrestrial) for Western Europe. This project could be a springboard for a Master’s thesis in Earth Sciences. Previous experience in spatial modelling(ArcGIS) and in “R” is not essential but would be an asset. S’adresser à: Dre. Anne de Vernal (Sciences de la Terre, UQAM)