1. The HDRG seeks a post-graduate with experience in spatial statistics and/or statistical climatology for a one-year Postdoctoral position ($30,000, including benefits). The position involves conducting a statistical downscaling of climate simulations for the Last Glacial period in Europe and coordinating a study of climate fluctuations in East Africa from 4-5 Million Years Ago linked to a study of regional hominin occupations. Training will be provided, if needed, by partners at the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE).  Preference will be given to candidates interested in developing collaborative projects with HDRG. Interested parties should contact: Dr. Burke or Dr. Drapeau.


The following M.A. projects are available for students interested in joining the team:

  1. Ecomorphological study of Pliocene East African faunas from an osteometric and morphological perspective in comparison with climate indices contributing to a better understanding of the context within which bipedalism evolved in the hominin lineage. Funding is available on a competitive basis. Contact: Dr. Drapeau.
  2. Modelling the distribution of prey species during the Late Pleistocene in Western Europe and assessing their impact on the spatial behaviour of human populations with the aid of high-resolution climate and vegetation simulations. The student must be familiar with arcGIS software; the ability to program in “R” would be useful but is not essential. Funding is available on a competitive basis. Contacts: Dr. James or Dr. Burke.