Ariane Burke

As a paleoanthropologist, my research interests revolve around understanding patterns of land-use in prehistory. I am currently conducting archaeological surveys in Guadalajara (Spain) in an effort to uncover evidence of the Palaeolithic occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. As an archaeozoologist, I am particularly interested in modelling the spatial behaviour of prehistoric prey species as a means of interpreting past landscapes and the spatial distribution of Neanderthal sites.



Michelle Drapeau

Several of my research projects are oriented towards gaining a better understanding of the ways in which behaviour is reflected in the skeletton, in order to better understand the morphology of fossil hominids. Behavioural innovations, such as bipedalism and the abandonnement of an arboreal niche, produce morphological changes. These transformations are the expression of adaptive pressures affecting hominids and therefore, enable us to recreate a vital dimension of their evolutionary history. I have been co-directing field research since the summer of 2006 with the aim of exploring a secondary rift in East Africa that is still poorly known paleontologically and geologically.



Liliana Perez

Research interests: spatial analysis and modeling and geographic information systems (GIS) can provide insights and context into complex problems such as climate change, landscape ecology, and forestry by explicitly representing phenomena in their geographic context. My research focuses on the inherent multidisciplinary nature of Geographical Information Science (GIScience) to investigate the relationships between ecological processes and resulting spatial patterns.



Patrick James

Patrick James is a spatial ecologist with interest in forest disturbance dynamics, spatial modelling, and landscape genetics. Currently, his work focuses on developing landscape genetic and statistical modelling approaches to better understand the relationships among landscape heterogeneity, dispersal, and the population dynamics of irruptive forest insect pests.



Julien Riel-Salvatore

I am a prehistoric archaeologist interested in the human-environmental interface of major transitions in the human past, especially the Middle-Upper Paleolithic transition and the shift to agriculture; specifically, I focus on the impact humans have had on their environments at these key moments of our species history, as well as the impact of climatic factors on contingent patterns of human evolution. I investigate these questions through both fieldwork in northern Italy (Liguria) and Mozambique and various modeling experiments. Theoretically, I approach these questions from perspective rooted in niche construction theory and evolutionary ecology.



Claude Hillaire-Marcel

Professor at Université du Québec à Montréal, Centre GEOTOP.



Anne de Vernal

Professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Centre GEOTOP. Research interests: Le thème général de mes travaux de recherche s'articule autour des changements océanographiques, climatiques et environnementaux dans les milieux marins de moyennes à hautes latitudes à l'échelle des derniers milliers d'années.



Michael Bisson

Professor, Department of Anthropology at McGill University.



Gail Chmurra

Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Centre for Climate and Global Change Research, McGill University




Masa Kageyama

Director of Research at CNRS. Head of long-term climage modelling team at Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (CLIM team - UMR 8212)



Mathieu Vrac

Leader of the ESTIMR team. CNRS Research scientist at Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (UMR 8212)



Gilles Ramstein

Head of the "Mankind, Climate and Environment" group at Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (UMR 8212)



Andre Costopoulos

Research interests: evolution of social complexity, quantitative and computational methods on archaeology, agent-based simulation in anthropology, prehistoric exchange networks, prehistory of northern Europe.



William Banks

Associate researcher (CR1) at CNRS, UMR5199 - PACEA.



Colin D. Wren

Assistant Professor at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Research interests: spatial patterning of mobility, geographic information science, agent-based modeling, complexity in sub-arctic and Boreal forest adaptations, quantitative and computational approaches to archaeology. My research attempts to better understand patterns of colonization and mobility in the archaeological record. While previous colonization studies have focused on rates of spread, I am looking at how mobility patterns and strategies evolve through cultural and environmental contexts.




Marie-Anne Julien

Researcher at the Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins (CAHO), University of Southampton. Research interests: isotope analysis of faunal remains, archaeozoology.



Guillaume Latombe

Postdoctoral researcher at Monash University. Research interests: statistical climatology.




Dario Guiducci

PhD student in Archaeology at Université de Montréal. MSc in GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology (UCL - 2009). BA in Anthropology and Geography (McGill - 2008). My research interests currently comprise the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to the study of hominid settlement and migration, the use of spatial statistics in assessing archaeological data, and wayfinding behaviour and spatial cognition in hominids. For my doctoral research, I aim to develop a formal approach to model and study wayfinding behaviour in the dispersals of Anatomically Modern Homo sapiens and Neandethals during the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in Iberia.



Lauriane Bourgeon

PhD student in Anthropology at the Université de Montréal (Archaeozoology). MSc in Biological Anthropology and Prehistory (Bordeaux I, France). Currently she is working on the research of Palaeolithic fauna dispersals at the Iberian Peninsula, using a paleo-bioclimatic approach. For her PhD project, she will center in the Bluefish Caves (Yukon) faunal taphonomy.



Manuel Arturo Izquierdo

Anthropologist of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1991-1998), MSc in Anthropology Université de Montréal (2009). Research interests: Computer Simulation in Archaeology, Astronomy in the Culture, Ethnomathematics,  and Prehispanic Native American Writing Systems.



Luc Doyon

PhD Candidate in Anthropology at UdeM and in Archaeology at Université de Bordeaux (~2017). Research interests: artifactual morphometric variability, spatial patterning of shared technological knowledge and practice, geographic information science, human/environment interaction, chronostratigraphy, experimental archaeology. Through techno-typology and Geometrics Morphometrics, I hope to highlight the presence of different traditions within the Aurignacian technocomplex and link these with our knowledge of the chronology and of the environmental setting surrounding this material culture.




Jacynthe Lepage

Master's student in Anthropology at Université de Montréal. Research interests: archaeozoology and isotope analysis. Co-directed by Drs. Hilaire-Marcel & Burke.

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Jean Tremblay 

Master's degree student in Anthropology at Université de Montréal. Directed by A. Burke

Maxime Vaillancourt

Master's degree student in Anthropology at Université de Montréal. Co-directed by Drs Drapeau & Burke.